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Vitamins customized to you

Compound all your essential vitamins and minerals into one capsule.


Why Our Vytamin?

At Vytamize, our mission is to provide pure and GMO-free vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and nutraceuticals. Using state of the art technology, we manufacture each individual vitamin based on the formula you create. Everything in your pill can be customized. Choose your own ingredients, or have our team work with your physician to analyze your medical history and medications to personalize a multivitamin tailored to your biology.

Genetics, age, race, diet and lifestyle influence the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals in an individual. You need a vitamin that's made for you. Your body is unique. Why take something generic?

We use only natural ingredients.

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We are dedicated to providing safe and pure raw materials. Our capsules are made from cellulosic raw materials designed to increase efficiency of nutrient absorption, and are preservative-free, allergen-free, and Kosher and Halal certified.

Our raw materials are also completely allergen-free, and do not contain soybean, wheat, gluten, pollen or corn. These materials are compounded in the United States at a GMP compliant manufacturing facility.

We will work with your doctor, your lab results, and your preferences to create a personalized vitamin tailored to you.